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    Series 1 sports the first 250 cards of the 2024-25 Upper Deck Base Set. Annually, the Upper Deck Base Set is the most widely-collected Base Set in hockey. It includes 198 veteran cards, 49 Young Guns® rookie cards and three checklist cards. The iconic Young Guns® are the most anticipated rookie cards of the season.

o    Collect One (1) Young Guns® card per Box, on average!

o    Keep an eye out for stunning Outburst Silver parallels of the complete Base Set!  

    UD Canvas®, a longtime favorite among collectors, features a collection of the League’s top stars along with the best of the Young Guns®. Series 1 contains the first 120 cards of this intra-series set.

    The Dazzlers set is back! These eye-popping cards boast a new design for the 2024-25 season. Dazzlers is a 150-card intra-series set and Series 1 sports the first 50 cards. The checklist consists of mostly star veterans, but there are a few rookies sprinkled in!

o    Collect one (1) Green Dazzlers card per box, on average!


    New Inserts (and UD Portraits™)! From original art-infused, historical Young Guns® cards to hologram cards, Series 1 sports an impressive lineup of new insert sets: 

o    Aimbot: Each card pictures one of the League’s top goalscorers shooting on goal while showing, via targets, the opening(s) the player sees prior to taking the shot.

o    Checkpoint: This set celebrates grinders and the “checking” aspect of the game.

o    City Satellites: The checklist is comprised solely of superstars. Each card features popped-out, full-body action image of the player with a satellite view of their home city in the background.

o    UD Portraits™: Not only is the theme of this perennial-favorite set refreshed each season, the 2024-25 edition also gets a paper stock refresh. Series 1 contains the first 30 cards (all veteran stars) of this intra-series set. Collectors can complete their 2024-25 UD Portraits™ set with Series 2, which will boast the rookie versions!

    All four inserts are printed on foilboard and there are Speckle and Black parallels of each!

    Collect one (1) card from each insert per Box, on average!    

o    A-Lines: Each card pictures all three players from the top line of all 32 teams.

o    Breaking News: This set recognizes top moments from the 2023-24 season. Each card provides a brief description of the moment and an image from the game in which the moment occurred.

    Both sets are printed on beautiful, shiny foilboard.

o    Young Guns Renewed: Each card in this set is a replica of past Young Guns® card, but with a twist: each is infused with original artwork by Luke the Cardist. Series 1 will feature notable Young Guns® up through the 2013-14 season.

    Collect one (1) Young Guns Renewed card per box, on average!


    New Inserts Continued…


o  Gaming: Series 1 boasts a 100-card gaming-themed insert split into four 25-card subsets: Gaming Co-Op (two teammates along with four category comparisons), Gaming FOV (a single player pictured from behind so that you can see their “Field of View”), Gaming PVP (two players from different teams - one in their home jersey and the other in their away jersey - simulated to be competing against each other) and Gaming XP (features the “experience level” of each player).   

    All four subsets are printed on foilboard and there are Speckle parallels of each. 

    Collect one (1) card from each Gaming subset per Box, on average!

o    Holotypes: Hologram cards are back!! Holotypes is a living set - no players will repeat - that will be a staple in Series 1 for the next few seasons. These rare cards are surefire hits! 

    Collect the first 25 cards of the OPC Glossy intra-series set! The Series 1 checklist is comprised of solely stars and superstars. Some rookies will be featured in Series 2.

o    Collect, on average, at least (1) regular OPC Glossy cards per Box and keep an eye out for Gold parallels!

    Regarding the intra-series sets noted previously, here is the breakdown of each intra-series set (subject to change):  

 4 Packs per Box, 12 Cards per Pack

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