Pokemon Grafaiai EX Box


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Unleash a Toxic Torrent - With Grafaiai EX!

If you notice a colorful pattern painted on tree trunks as you walk through the forest, you might have wandered into Grafaiai territory! T

his Toxic Monkey Pokemon makes use of its poisonous saliva to take its opponents down in battle.

You'll find Grafaiai ex here as a foil promo card in playable and oversize versions, along with the Toxic Mouse Pokemon Shroodle.

Each Grafaiai EX Box Contains:

- [1] foil promo card featuring Grafaiai ex

- [1] foil promo card featuring Shroodle

- [1] oversize foil card featuring Grafaiai ex

- [4] Pokemon TCG booster packs

- [1] code card for Pokemon TCG Live