Neopets Battledome TCG: Defenders of Neopia Booster Pack

Upper Deck

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Debuting in 2024 is Neopets Battledome - Trading Card Game, an approachable TCG that celebrates Neopets fandom and brings an easy to learn, difficult to master TCG to the market!

Both new and seasoned TCG players will enjoy this new take on a trading card game with its unique dice battle mechanic and eye-catching design.

Step into the enchanting world of Neopia with Neopets Battledome, where the magic of your favorite virtual pets comes to life onto tabletop!

Players will immerse themselves in thrilling fast-paced gameplay by combining strategy, endless possibilities and the beloved characters for Neopia. Gather Neopets, challenge opponents and let the adventure begin!

Use booster packs to add to players collection and enhance gameplay.

Product Highlights:

  • Set includes OVER 250 unique cards for players to collect
  • Features a diverse roster of Neopets, items characters and more from the Defenders of Neopia storyline to compete in exciting battles! Battle head-to-head in this highly interactive combat dice system with Neopets themed dice (Included in Starter Decks). Defeat opponent's Neopets in the Battledome to become CHAMPION!
  • Players can customize their decks with powerful Equipment and Potions as they prepare their Neopet for Battle with Codestones! Embrace the power of Legendary Faeries like the Faerie Queen Fyora and the Cunning Dark Faerie Jhudora.
  • Neopets Cards will depict Attack, Defense, Agility and Neopets Hit Points
  • Custom Art from fan favorite artists such as Anthony Conely, Krista Staggs, Shamine Athena King and many more!

Box Hits:
- Ultra Rare Cards featuring Faerie/Legend/Equipment
- Rainbow Pool Rare Cards
- Foil Variants of fan favorite cards
- Grundo Warehouse Cards - Virtual Codes to redeem on

Each Booster Pack Contains:
- [3] Commons
- [1] Common/Rare/Codestone Foil
- [1] Super Rare or Higher
- [2] Rares
- [1] Codestone

8 Cards per Pack