Magic the Gathering Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster Box

Wizards of the Coast

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The Collector Booster gives players immediate access to the coolest, most desirable cards from Wilds of Eldraine.

Each Collector Booster is packed with the set's most exciting offerings. It's a supercharged booster experience!

A Tale Only You Can Tell - Venture into the untamed Wilds of Eldraine, a fairy tale-inspired world in the Magic universe and free the kingdom from a curse of endless slumber.

With Collector Boosters, your players get direct access to the coolest cards from the set, with each booster packed with special treatments.

Look for these great cards: - Doubling Season - Rhystic Study - Smothering Tithe - Kindred Discovery - Parallel Lives

Each Wilds of Eldraine Collector Booster contains:

- [5] cards of rarity Rare or higher in every pack

- [5] Uncommon cards

- [4] Common cards

- [1] Full-Art Land

- [1] Traditional Foil double-sided token - At least 3 special Borderless cards per booster