2024 Upper Deck Golf Hobby Pack

Upper Deck

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Every Box Contains:

  • Six Young Guns Rookie Cards
  • One Blue Dazzlers Insert Card
  • One Rare #'d Card, Rare Ratio'd Card or Printing Plate
  • One Base Set Clear Cut Parallel, UD Canvas Black Parallel, Pink Dazzlers or Other Hit Card
  • One UD Retro Insert Card
  • Two Honor Roll Insert Cards
  • Two UD Gallery Insert Cards
  • Four UD Canvas Insert Cards
  • Six Additional Insert Cards

Upper Deck Golf features a 150-card Base Set consisting of the following four subsets: Vets/Legends, Season Highlights, Season Highlights - Debut Date & Young Guns.

- Young Guns! That's right, Young Guns have made their way into golf! Collect, on average, six (6) of these iconic cards per box featuring many of the best young men's and women's players (not just tour rookies) in the sport today.

- Look for Exclusives (#'d to 100), High Gloss (#'d to 10) & Clear Cut (Hobby exclusive!) parallels of the full Base Set!

In addition to Young Guns cards, Upper Deck Golf also brings four popular hockey inserts to the sport, each featuring young up-and-comers, veteran stars and legends of the game:

- Dazzlers: Golf collectors will love these dazzling, brightly colored cards. There are both Blue and Pink versions of this set and each box contains, on average, one (1) Blue version.

- Honor Roll: Collec the base set - starting with two (2) per box, on average - and look for both Printing Plates and cards from three serially-#'d parallels printed on rainbow foilboard: Rainbow Foil (#'d to 250), Gold Rainbow Foil (#'d to 25) and Red Rainbow Foil (#'d to 10).

- UD Canvas: This classic insert consists of 40 cards, 10 of which are Young Guns. Collect four (4) per box, on average, and keep an eye out for Printing Plates and rare & Hobby-exclusive Black parallels!

Chase Card Alert! Be on the lookout for UD Canvas Signatures (#'d to 10) & UD Canvas Signatures Young Guns (#'d to 15) cards. Each card boasts the autograph of one of two popular golfers!

- UD Gallery: The golf version of the popular UD Portraits hockey insert. This 40-card set includes 10 SP cards featuring several of the biggest names in the product. Collect two (2) per box and look for Gold parallels #'d to 99 and 25 (the SP versions).

Each card in the UD Retro set, which includes SP and Rookie subsets, is printed on clay coat and features a design inspired by a classic 1999 Upper Deck set. Look for one (1) UD Retro card per box, on average.

Keep an eye out for Scorecard Superstars cards featuring some of the best golfers. This foilboard set also boasts a great lineup of serially-#'d parallels: Birdie (#'d to 100), Eagle (#'d to 50), Albatross (#'d to 25) and Ace (#'d 1-of-1).

Upper Deck Golf includes an impressive slate of rare PETG insert sets: Clear Cut Legends (exisiting legends or legends in the making, featured on an elegant design), Diagrams of Dominance (popular players on a design that breaks down the mechanics of golf), Cleared for Launch (showcases some of the game's biggest hitters) and Clear Cut 2001 Retro (big names on a classic UD design).

Each box will contain, on average, six (6) cards from these intriuging insert sets: National Heroes (top golfers from around the world pictured with their country's flag in the background), Defining Moments (each card highlights a defining moment in the career of the player), Tour Time (features an image from the early days each golfer's career) and Generation Next (some of the best golfers under the age of 30). There are also rare Gold parallels and Printing Plates of all four sets to collect!


Insert Cards:
- Brushstrokes 1:4850
- Clear Cut 2001 Retro 1:1152
- Clear Cut Legends 1:288
- Cleared for Launch 1:4000
- Dazzlers - Blue 1:24
- Dazzlers - Pink 1:72
- Defining Moments 1:16
- Defining Moments - Gold Parallel 1:384
- Defining Moments Printing Plates N/A
- Diagrams of Dominance 1:4000
- Generation Next 1:20
- Generation Next - Gold Parallel 1:480
- Generation Next Printing Plates N/A
- Honor Roll 1:12
- Honor Roll - Rainbow Foil Parallel #'d to 250
- Honor Roll - Gold Rainbow Foil Parallel #'d to 25
- Honor Roll - Red Rainbow Foil Parallel #'d to 10
- Honor Roll Printing Plates N/A
- National Heroes 1:13
- National Heroes - Gold Parallel 1:320
- National Heroes Printing Plates N/A
- Scorecard Superstars 1:144
- Scorecard Superstars - Birdie Parallel #'d to 100
- Scorecard Superstars - Eagle Parallel #'d to 50
- Scorecard Superstars - Albatross Parallel #'d to 25
- Scorecard Superstars - Ace Parallel #'d 1-of-1
- Tour Time 1:16
- Tour Time - Gold Parallel 1:384
- Tour Time Printing Plates N/A
- UD Canvas 1:7
- UD Canvas - Black Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:80
- UD Canvas Printing Plates N/A
- UD Canvas Young Guns 1:60
- UD Canvas Young Guns - Black Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:720
- UD Canvas Signatures #'d to 10
- UD Canvas Signatures Young Guns #'d to 15
- UD Gallery 1:13
- UD Gallery - Gold Parallel #'d to 99
- UD Gallery SP's 1:120
- UD Gallery SP's - Gold Parallel #'d to 25
- UD Retro 1:48
- UD Retro SP's 1:96
- UD Retro Rookies 1:96
- Winning Touch 1:4320

Base Set Cards:
Vets & Legends (1-50) 5:1
Vets & Legends - Exclusives Parallel #'d to 100
Vets & Legends - High Gloss Parallel #'d to 10
Vets & Legends - Clear Cut Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:96
Season Highlights Debut Date (51-75) & Season Highlights (76-100) 1:1
Season Highlights Debut Date & Season Highlights - Exclusives Parallel #'d to 100
Season Highlights Debut Date & Season Highlights - High Gloss Parallel #'d to 10
Season Highlights Debut Date & Season Highlights - Clear Cut Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:96
Young Guns (101-150) 1:4
Young Guns - Exclusives Parallel #'d to 100
Young Guns - High Gloss Parallel #'d to 10
Young Guns - Clear Cut Parallel (Hobby Exclusive!) 1:288

8 Cards per Pack