2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Hobby Box


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Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball is back by popular demand this season!

This year we will be combining clear, acetate card technology with on-card autographs from the hottest rookies and superstar sensations in Major League Baseball.

Clearly Authentic will incorporate the base card design from 2018 Topps Baseball, as well as some of the most iconic Topps Baseball cards and designs of all time, into a product offering that delivers 1 autograph per box.  All cards will be encased with autographs signed directly on card.

On average, every box guarantees 1 Clearly Authentic Autograph Card, and every case guarantees 2 of the following: Clearly Authentic Reprint Autograph, Clearly Authentic 1993 Finest Stars Autograph, and/or a Clearly Legendary Autograph.