*PRE-SALE* 2018 Rittenhouse X-Files Season 10 & 11 Trading Cards Box


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All autographs are signed ON-CARD and include:

- David Duchovny (Agent Fox Mulder)
- Gillian Anderson (Agent Dana Scully)
- William B. Davis (Cigarette Smoking Man/Carl Gerhard Bush Spender)
- Miles Robbins (William)
- Haley Joel Osment (Davey James)
- Lauren Ambrose (Agent Einstein)
- Karin Konoval (Judy/Chucky Poundstone)
- Keith Arbuthnot (Mr. Chuckleteeth)
- Rhys Darby (Guy Mann)
- John DeSantis (Band-Aid Nose Man)
- Ryan Beil (The Were-Lizard)
- Barbara Hershey (Erika Price)
- AC Peterson (Mr. Y)
- Stuart Margolin (Dr. They)
- Jere Burns (Dr. Luvenis)
- Fiona Vroom (Barbara Beaumont)
- Cory Rempel (Young Walter Skinner)
- Brian Huskey (Reggie Murgatroyd)
And more!

Set Composition:

Base set features 96 cards, with 6 cards for each of the six Season 10 episodes and the ten Season 11 episodes!  Photos and plot synopses for every episode!

Bonus sets include:
- 96 GOLD Numbered Parallel Base Cards (1:12 Packs)
- 18-Card The X-Files Quotable Set (1:12 Packs)
- 8-Card "My Struggle" Character Monologue Set (1:24 Packs)
- 9-Card Stars of The X-Files Set (1:24 Packs)
- 9-Card The X-Files Relationships Set (1:24 Packs)
- 6-Card Monsters of The X-Files Set (1:48 Packs)
- 2-Card Mulder Conspiracy Set (1:288 Packs)

24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack