2018/19 Upper Deck CHL Hockey Hobby Box

Upper Deck

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·       Upper Deck CHL features a 400-card base set . . . including the top players from the league broken down into 300 Base and 100 Short Print Star Rookies.
·       Find exciting new inserts like Top Level Talent, Scouting Report and Memorial Cup Ambitions.
·       Grab Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High-Gloss (#’d to 10) parallels of the Star Rookies.
·       Look for tough to find SP Top Prospects chase cards.

·       Solid Mix of Inserts & Autographs
o   Base Set Star Rookies Exclusives Parallels – #’d to 100
o   Base Set Star Rookies High Gloss Parallels – #’d to 10
o   Base Set Autograph Parallels – 1:22
o   Base Set Rookie SPs Auto Parallel – 1:22
·       Fun Inserts, Highlighting the CHL’s Finest!
o   Top Level Talents –1:3
o   Scouting Report –1:3
o   Memorial Cup Ambitions - 1:6
o   SP Top Prospects – 1:120
o   Base Set Printing Plate Parallels – #1-of-1
·       Expansive Base Set!
o   Star Rookies – 1:1
o   300 Regular Cards     

12 cards per pack, 18 packs per box