Magic the Gathering Journey Into NYX Fat Pack Box

Wizards of the Coast

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Your path has taken you to Theros, a plane beset by chaos.  A mortal Planeswalker has forced his way into the pantheon of gods, who are outraged and threatened by his ascent.

Drawing on the power of the god-realm of Nyx, they send creatures of pure enchantment to crush mortal armies.  The heroes of Theros strive mightily as they face their greatest challenge: standing their ground against the gods.  There can be no peace until the upstart is thrown down.

Here on Theros, you will forge a destiny to echo through the ages.  Perhaps you will lead your fellow mortals on the battlefield, bolstered by your courage-or champion the pantheon as they struggle to right the natural order.

Embrace your fate and become a legendary hero fit to rival the gods!

Each Fat Pack contains:
- 9 boosters
- 2 deck boxes
- 1 player's guide
- 1 80-card land pack
- 1 Spindown life counter