James Bond Villains & Henchmen Trading Cards Hobby Box

Upper Deck


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100 Card Base Set with 2 different parallels!
- Search for Obsidian Parallel Base Cards
- Uncover Premium Autograph Base Cards!

Stunning Acetate Parallels with 3 tiers of rarity!

Look for a variety of Actor Autograph cards!
- All autographs are hard signed on card!
- Premium Autograph Cards with #’d tiers of rarity

4 New Inserts with different areas of focus:
- As Quoted, Master Plan, The Upper Hand, and Allies and Colleagues

Discover Rare and Unique Premium Inserts!

1 Insert Card from the following:
- Potent Quotes
- Master Plan
- The Upper Hand
- Allies and Colleagues

1 Premium Insert
3 Additional Hits from the following:
- Star Signatures Autograph Card
- Crystal Clear Plexiglass Regular, SP, or SSP Card
- Acetate Movie Posters Regular, SP, or SSP Card

18 packs per box, 6 cards per pack