2023/24 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Pack

Upper Deck

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Every Box Contains:

  • Two Autograph or Memorabilia Cards
  • Five #'d Parallel Cards
  • Three Rookie Renditions and/or Trilogy Generations Insert Cards

    2023-24 Trilogy sports a unique 250-card Base Set which features three versions of the rookie cards! 

    Here's how it breaks down: Veterans (1-100) | Common Rookies (101-150) | Uncommon Rookies (151-200) | Rare Rookies (201-250)

    The rookie subsets each feature the same top 50 rookiesm but with different designs and different levels or rarity. The Common Rookies are #'d to 999, the Uncommon Rookies are #'d to 699 and the Rare Rookies are #'d to 299.

    There is a variety of serially-#'d autograph and/or memorabilia parallels of the base set, highlighted by the Purple Auto (select Veterans, #'d 1-of-1), Patch & Patch Auto (select Veterans, low-#'d) and Gold Auto (varied #'ing) parallels.

    The popular Rookie Renditions insert, featuring top rookies is back! In addition to the regular set, there is also wide variety of colorful parallels, headlined by the Green (#'d to 99), Pink (#'d to 25), Auto (varied low #'ing), Gold Auto(#'d to 10), Patch Auto (Varied low #'ing) and Purple Patch Auto (#'d 1-of-1) parallels!

    All-New Coveted Triple-Mem Cards! Be on the lookout for the all-new Team Twigs set! These cards feature a piece of game-used stick from a mix of current stars and retired legends. There are some amazing player combinations that are sure to be a dream addition to any collection.

    Amazing Plexiglass Inserts! This year's edition is loaded with plexiglass inserts, including those that are hard-signed:
    - AutoFocus: This classic insert features hard-signed autographs from star and superstar veterans.
    - AutoFocus Rookes: Lucky collectors will find one of these super rare hard-signed cards featuring a marquee rookie.
    - Crystallized Signatures: These stunning cards boast a hard-signed autograph from a young star or veteran superstar.
    - NEW! Trivium: This all-new insert features dynamic trios of past and present stars on a clean design.
    - Rookie Premier: A plexi version of the Base Set Common Rookies. There are also Gold Tint (#'d to 49) and Black Ice (#'d 1-of-1) parallels.
    - Scripted Hall of Fame Plaques: We're adding five new legendary player to this hard-signed living set, each card is #'d to 25.

    2023-24 Trilogy also features another Trilogy classic - Trilogy Generations! Each card sports a past, present or prospective superstar. There is a bevy of incredible parallels to collect, highlighted by the Pink (#'d to 25), Jersey (#'d to 99), Gold Auto (#'d to 10), Patch Auto (#'d to 10) and Purple Patch Auto (#'d 1-of-1) parallels.

    Hard-Signed Puck Cards! Trilogy is known for its Signature Pucks cards and this year's edition continues that tradition with five intriguing sets: Signature Pucks (veterans and superstars), Rookie Signatures Pucks (2023-23 rookies), 2022-23 Update Rookie Signature Pucks (2022-23 rookies), Signature Puckstoppers (star, veteran and legendary goalies) and the all-new Team Canada Signature Pucks. Each card sports a manufactured puck accompanied by a hard-signed autograph. In addition to the regular sets, collectors can hunt for low-#'d Team Logo and NHL Shield Logo parallels.

    Key Rookies

    • Connor Bedard
    • Brock Faber
    • Adam Fantilli
    • Luke Hughes
    • Logan Cooley
    • Tyson Foerster
    • Luke Evangelista
    • Matthew Poitras
    • Matthew Knies
    • Leo Carlsson
    • Ridly Greig
    • Matthew Coronato
    • Simon Edvinsson
    • Owen Beck
    • Devon Levi
    • Zach Benson
    • Pavel Mintyukov
    • Will Cuylle

    4 cards per pack