2022/23 Upper Deck Credentials Hockey Hobby Pack

Upper Deck

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Each Box Contains:

  • One Autograph or Acetate Card
  • One Base Set Parallel Card
  • Two Tech Cards
  • Four Debut Ticket Access Cards

Look for Eight 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star of the Night (Vets & Rookies) and/or Highly Anticipated Cards Per Box!

The newest edition of Upper Deck Credentials sports a 200-card base set which includes a 100-card, serially-#'d Debut Ticket Access rookie subset split into four tiers of rarity.

The parallel lineup is deep and colorful! There are 10 parallels of the veterans and nine parallels of the rookies, highlighted by the shared Pink (#'d to 49), Green (#'d to 25), Purple (#'d to 10 & Hobby-exclusive), Gold (#'d to 5) and Black (#'d 1-of-1) parallels.

There is also a horizontal variant of the complete Debut Ticket Access rookie subset which features the same serially-#'d tiers as well as the same colorful parallel lineup.

HARD-SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS!  Traditionally, Credentials has offered a bevy of #'d and hard-signed star veteran and rookie chase cards and the 2022-23 release continues that tradition. Below is a rundown of the available hard-signed insert sets. Each set has the same seven (7) parallels (only the #'ing varies from set-to-set), and that lineup includes a Hobby-exclusive Purple parallel and a 1-of-1 Black parallel.

Debut Ticket Access Autographs: This popular 50-card set features the top 2022-23 rookies. The regular set is split into three tiers (#'d to 299, 199 and 99) and the Purple parallel is #'d to 10.

Horizontal Debut Ticket Access Autographs: The horizontal variant of the regular Debut Ticket Access Autographs set includes only the top 25 rookies. Each card in the regular set is #'d to 99 or 35, and the Purple parallel cards are #'d to 3 or 2.

Ticket Access Autographs: This is the star veteran counterpart of the Debut Ticket Access Autographs set. The cards in the regular set are #'d to 99, 49 or 25, and the Purple parallel cards are #'d to 2.

Retro Ticket Access Autographs: This limited-subject set sports a colorful retro ticket-inspired design and five superstar players. The cards in the regular set are #'d to 25, and the Purple parallel cards are #'d to 2.

Acetate Debut Ticket Access Autographs & Acetate Ticket Access Autographs: These stunning, low-#'d rookie and veteran cards, built on the always-popular acetate stock, will be valuable additions to any collection! These cards are parallels of the non-auto sets #'d to 249 (rookies) and 149 (veterans).

NEW INSERTS! Be the first to collect the all-new Bubble Hockey and Highly-Anticipated insert sets! Bubble Hockey is a rare acetate set in which superstars and top rookies are pictured as their bubble hockey figures would appear in the classic game. Keep an eye out for Gold Spectrum parallel cards #'d to 25! Highly Anticipated features the top players from the 2022-23 rookie class. Be on the lookout for Auto parallels!

The popular 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star of the Night cards - with veteran and rookie versions - are back! Keep an eye out for low-#d autograph parallels.

Both the Main Stage Signatures and Speed of the Game inserts, which debuted in 2021-22, return as well. Main Stage Signatures is a veteran-only autograph set with a two-tiered Gold parallel (#'d to 25 and 10) and a 1-of-1 Black parallel. Speed of the Game is a stunning Light FX insert showcasing some of the fastest players (veterans and rookies) in the league today. Collect one rookie version per box, on average.

Key Rookies

  • Matty Beniers
  • Matt Boldy
  • Owen Power
  • Marco Rossi
  • Kent Johnson
  • Matias Maccelli
  • Dylan Guenther
  • Lukas Reichel
  • Brandt Clarke
  • Jack Quinn
  • Jake Sanderson
  • Samuel Fagemo
  • Shane Wright
  • Dylan Holloway
  • Wyatt Johnston
  • Juraj Slafkovsky
  • David Jiricek

8 packs per box, 6 cards per pack