2020/21 Upper Deck Extended Series Hockey Hobby Pack

Upper Deck


PLEASE NOTE that as an Upper Deck Authorized Internet Retailer we are not able to ship

this product into the United States until it has been out for one full year (July 8, 2022).



- Complete your 2020-21 Upper Deck Base Set - the most cherished and widely-collected annual set in hockey!
   - With more than 700 cards over three series, including over 125 Young Guns, this is the most extensive base set in the 30-plus year history of Upper Deck’s iconic flagship series.
   - Collect the Exclusives (#’d to 100), High Gloss (#’d to 10) and French parallels, as well as both Hobby Exclusive Clear Cut PETG parallels (Regular & Exclusives).

- Also look for the continuation of the inaugural Dazzlers - Blue and Dazzlers - Pink insert sets. Collect cards 101-150 of both brightly-colored collections.

- Upper Deck Extended Series revives several classic Upper Deck insert sets that will excite collectors old and new:
   - UD3 - Serially-numbered star veteran and top rookie sets, and a serially-numbered Gold parallel.
   - Ovation - Star veteran and top rookie sets, and a serially-numbered Standing Ovation parallel. All cards are 40 pts.
   - SPx Finite - A mix of star veterans and rookies. Look for Radiance and Spectrum parallels. All cards are 40 pts. and serially-numbered.
   - HoloGrFx NHL/HoloGrFx - Star veteran and rookie sets, and a Gold parallel of the rookie set.
   - Ultimate Victory - Star veteran and top rookie sets, as well as a Connor McDavid “Top Moments” set (McDavid MMXXI). Look for Silver and Gold parallels of each set.
   - UD Top Shelf Rookies - A serially-numbered collection of top rookies.
   - UD Pros and Prospects - A serially-numbered collection of star veterans and rookies.
   - Rookie Class SE - A collection of top rookies with Gold and Spectrum Auto parallels.
   - Upper Deck Triple Dimensions Reflections - A star veteran and top rookie set. Collect up to four serial-numbered parallels: Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald and Gold.

- Collect the 2005-06 Upper Deck tribute set, including Young Guns! Look for both Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High Gloss (#’d to 10) parallels.

BOX BREAK (on average):
- 6 Young Guns Cards
- 4 2005-06 Upper Deck Cards
- 3 Ultimate Victory (incl. McDavid MMXXI) Cards
- 2 HoloGrFx Cards
- 2 Rookie Class SE Cards
- 1 UD3, Pros and Prospects or Triple Dimensions Reflections Card
- 1 Dazzlers - Blue or Base Set - Clear Cut Parallel (incl. Young Guns) Card

Plus, one of each of the following cards…
- Ovation
- SPx Finite
- Base Set - French Parallel

- 1 Extra Hit

8 cards per pack