2015/16 Upper Deck Portfolio Hockey Hobby Box

Upper Deck

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- 2015-16 UD Portfolio's 364-Card Base Set is Loaded With an Array of Thematic Subsets!
 - Featuring: Color Photos, Vintage-Style Wire Photos, Color Art & Black & White Art Inserts!

- Every 20-Pack Box Will Deliver A Combination of Two Hits From A Selection of Autograph & Memorabilia Cards!
 - Find "At-Least" One Rare Autograph or Premium Memorabilia Card Per 8 Box Inner Shipper!

- Collect "XRC" Rookie Redemptions!
 - Featuring 6 TBD Prospects From The 2016-17 Rookie Class!

- Find SP Game Used Rookie Update Cards!
 - 36 All-New Athletes Numbered to Their Uniform!

- Look For Veteran Autographed Parallels of The Color Photo, Wire Photo, Color Art and Black & White Art Inserts, Found 2 Per Inner!

- Find Dual, Quad, and Six Piece Profile Material Inserts
 - Featuring an Array of Premium Materials!


- 8 Rookie Color Photos
- 3 Rookie Wire Photos
- 2 Rookie Art Cards
- 3 Veteran Wire Photos
- 2 Veteran Art Cards
- 2 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards