2013/14 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey Hobby Box

Upper Deck

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- Huge Rookie Class Impact - Yakupov, Galchenyuk, Huberdeau, Tarasenko & More!

- Plus the Always-Popular Rookie Redemptions!

- Also grab Autograph Rookie Redemption cards!

- (NEW) Look for Rookie Materials cards!

- Offering plenty of low-numbered hits of this year's Top Rookies!

- Still get 3 Memorabilia cards per Box!

- Including a Multi-Player Swatch card!

- Find more Patch, Stick , Strap, & Tag Hits than ever in Artifacts!

- (NEW) Grab 'Top 12' Rookie Signatures too!

- (NEW) Tundra Sixes!

- Extensive Multi-Swatch Memorabilia cards Throughout the Product Lineup!

- (NEW) Collect Rookie Materials, with a whole host of goodies, from jersey-jersey  combos #'d to 125, all the way up to tag-patch combos #'d to just 5!